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What are the rights of the shareholder?

Listed on Euronext Paris (compartment A, ticker TKTT, ISIN: FR0004188670); Tarkett is included in the following indices: CAC Mid & Small, CAC All-Tradable.

There are two alternative methods by which you can become a Tarkett shareholder:

  • You can buy Tarkett shares from a bank or financial intermediary who will act as custodian of your securities account or equity savings plan (plan d'épargne en actions: PEA). (You have the option of either holding your shares as bearer shares or keeping them in a managed registered account).
  • You can buy shares through Caceis Corporate Trust, which manages Tarkett's shareholding services (You have the option of holding your shares in fully registered form).

In France, investment securities may be held in two different ways: as “bearer” securities and as “registered” securities.

  • Bearer shares: bearer security accounts are held by the financial intermediary of your choice (lending or investment houses) and so are not known to our company. This system enables you to group all the securities in your portfolio together in a single account.
  • Registered shares: these holding arrangements allow us to identify you and establish direct, personalized contact. Shares can be registered in two ways:
    ♦ Managed registered: the shares are recorded in our company’s accounts but kept with the financial intermediary that manages your securities.
    ♦ Direct registered: securities are directly and solely recorded in our company’s accounts. Under this system, you do not have to pay custody fees or some common fees related to:
         ○ Security transfers and registration,
         ○ Dividend payments,
         ○ Operations on the securities (capital increases, share allotments, etc.),
         ○ Changes of ownership, donation, succession.