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Tarkett unveils its latest eco-innovations with VOC emissions ten times lower than European standards

Tarkett, a worldwide leader in innovative flooring and sports surface solutions, attending Domotex trade show (January 15th to 18th, 2011), unveils its latest eco-innovations for commercial and residential applications, and demonstrates its marketing segmentation by destination. By analysing the different priorities and needs of a wide range of business segments, this approach enables Tarkett to offer flooring solutions that answer the specific requirements of different destinations. In total 6 business segments will be presented: housing, health, education, aged care, shops & stores and hospitality. For each of them different flooring solutions are highlighted answering the functional, sensorial and ecological requirements of specific areas within each destination.

Products to be launched in 2011

Alterna, a new generation of resilient flooring

Alterna is a chlorine-free flooring solution based on an innovative polyolefin formulation. Extremely flexible, Alterna offers XP surface treatment, and is easy to clean and maintain. It also offers the guarantee of indoor air quality with very low VOC emissions (less than 100 μg/m3*), with a wide range of 40 different designs.

Tekstone, elegant & durable ceramic-like surface

Tekstone is a new generation of hard flooring that has all the resistance and durability of stone and ceramics but is much faster and easier to prepare and install. With a three layer construction, it offers a tough ceramic-like surface laminated to a dense fiberboard (Breakthrough Technology from Välinge”) for ultimate stability. Tekstone is light to transport and its click system makes easy work of laying or replacing so there is minimal business disruption for commercial areas. It brings a wide range of traditional stone, wood and eye-catching contemporary designs to this new, strong and sustainable flooring. Main destinations: shops & stores, hospitality and housing

I.D. Vision Wood Luxury Vinyl Tiles: the beauty of wood with vinyl functionality

I.D. Vision Wood is a new product innovation that brings together the natural beauty and strength of wood with the convenience and durability of vinyl tiles. It is a luxury tile solution uniquely constructed with a wood veneer layer and reinforced with a thick protective vinyl wear layer to ensure a long-lasting, extremely resistant and easy to maintain surface. With a non-repeating natural wood design, it offers an elegant and highly practical solution for the high traffic needs of retail and hospitality with simple and quick installation. Main destinations: shops & stores, hospitality

Recently Launched, in 2010

IQ Natural: a major advance in vinyl technology

iQ Natural is an innovative answer to environmentally friendly flooring. It uses a new plasticizer based on renewable resources, bringing the product’s natural or renewable content to an outstanding 75%. With VOC emissions far below European requirements and a range of colours inspired by nature, iQ Natural is a breath of fresh air for the building environment. Main destinations: healthcare, education

Floor in a Box: a service innovation

Floor in a Box is a new concept allowing customers to carry home, design and install new vinyl floors themselves. It is packaged in an easy to carry compact box containing 2 m2 of vinyl flooring for easy calculation of room requirements. The self-adhesive backing enables rapid and easy installation; strips can be taken out and re-laid within the first hour. With contemporary, cosy or classic colours, patterns and finishes, this premium quality flooring offers good acoustic properties and a comfortable feeling underfoot. Floor in a Box was awarded at l’Observeur du Design in Paris and received the prestigious Etoile du design among more than 200 products. Main destination: housing

TarkoSpray, the ideal solution for flooring installation

TarkoSpray is a unique water-based aerosol adhesive that improves conditions for installers for laying floors, while also considerably reducing emissions during installation. It’s is three times quicker and uses 80% less product than a traditional adhesive. This revolutionary aerosol adhesive is suitable for all types of vinyl flooring, including major installations.