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Tarkett proudly supports the artist Franck Loret at Art Paris Art Fair

28/03/2013 - "Archéologie des sentiments" a Tarkett vinyl work of art by Franck Loret, will be covering the floor of the stand of the Lélia Mordoch gallery at Art Paris (from March 28th to April 1st) in the Grand Palais, Paris - France.

This impressive piece (6,50m/4m) conveys Franck Loret’s feeling on the crystallization of emotions over time. With gradations of whites and sand colors, it contains the artistic writing of the artist shaped in vinyl with the scalpel. Thus, the material with its openwork design is embossed and reveals poetic and contemporary forms.

Franck Loret set up at the Tarkett Studio (Aubervilliers) to create this work of art. There he found the material, technical help to understand it better and tame it, as well as a place of inspiration. A camera followed him throughout the creative process. A film allows us, in several episodes, to meet Franck Loret and share his progress towards Archéologie des sentiments.

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Art Paris Art Fair 2013
March 28th to April 1st
At the Grand Palais, in Paris
Lélia Mordoch Gallery - Stand n°C9


A few words about Franck Loret:
Franck Loret, graduated in 1989 from a design school but only practiced as a model maker for a short time before heading towards theatrical writing and staging. From 1992 on, he took part in numerous creations and started his own company in 2000. In parallel with his passion for the stage, he continued for more than ten years his research on paper as material of artistic creation to finally dedicate himself to it fully from 2006 on, when he sculpted the first pieces of the Interior Fragments series. In 2009, he started using vinyl, after a chance encounter with scraps that had been used to cover the floor of an exhibition venue. Franck Loret then found in Tarkett a partner giving him the technical expertise of the material, and the artist to operate his diversion... His sculptures are now displayed in numerous institutional and private exhibition venues in France, Switzerland and in the United States. He recently exposed in Miami and Los Angeles his art pieces made of Tarkett vinyl flooring. Franck Loret lives and works in Paris.