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Tarkett Named 2013 GreenStep Pinnacle Award Honoree by Floor Covering Weekly

02/08/2013 - Tarkett was rewarded in the United States for its outstanding leadership in the area of environmental sustainability stewardship.

A panel of seven judges recognized Tarkett among 50 companies as the GreenStep Pinnacle Award Honoree for its meaningful initiatives throughout the flooring industry and the promotion of its efforts by providing communications platforms to educate the industry as to the extent and scope of these efforts.


Tarkett has defined sustainability by putting people and the environment at the heart of its strategy showing a true interest in the health and well-being of people. 


As part of its sustainable development approach, Tarkett works on the four axes of its eco-design approach to develop new products:

• Good materials: the choice of good materials that are safe for people and the environment, in the design of products

• Resource stewardship: the responsible use of resources in operations

• People friendly spaces: the well-being of people during product use and maintenance

• Reuse and Recycle: the recycling at end of use to eliminate waste re-introducing materials into a technical or biological cycle


                                        Sustainability loop

Since 2011 Tarkett applies the Cradle to Cradle  principles in a partnership with the German Scientific Institute EPEA which supports the Group in becoming a “Circular Company” by assessing the quality of the materials used and helping to identify the best reuse options. To date, Tarkett has successfully obtained C2C certification for Linoleum products (C2C Silver), Wood products (C2C Silver) and Rubber Tile products (C2C Basic).  


Tarkett is one of the first companies to join the "Circular Economy 100" program launched in February 2013, by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. This program aims at creating a network of companies whose ambition is to promote the development of the circular economy, a closed-loop business model for economic growth based on circular re-use of materials and preservation of the world's resources.


For more information about Tarkett’s sustainability strategy read the Sustainability page.