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Tarkett introduces two new ranges of luxury vinyl tiles

On September 2012, Tarkett Western Europe launched two new decorative vinyl strips and floor tiles ranges : iD Inspiration 55-70 (for the commercial sector, hotel industry, offices and old-age care homes) and iD Sélection 40 (for residential premises).

Both product lines combine modular flexibility with design, environmental sustainability, technical performance and customization benefits.
With its multiple designs, iD Inspiration 55-70 makes it possible to create, personalized, unique and exclusive spaces, thus allowing to mirror the image of a given brand.
Drawing its inspiration from trends identified by the Tarkett Western Europe Design department, the iD Selection 40 range is ideally suited to improve the well-being and design requirements that characterize residential projects.
With 132 designs to choose from, these two new collections offer an infinite number of decorative options and solutions for architects, designers, retailers and companies.

The new iD Inspiration 55-70 collection offers 102 exclusive designs, available in 11 strip and tile formats. The sheer diversity within the range makes it possible to create interplay between light and color and in this way helps to enhance the ambience of each flooring area.  The collection offers 60 wood designs, 42 mineral, metallic and graphic designs and 13 different surface/grain effects to choose from. Three different chamfer options are also available to enhance the aesthetic appeal of every floor.
Tarkett has also developed a brand new service, Floorcraft, which takes the concept of customizing each floor to the extreme. With Floorcraft, a flooring project comes to life thanks to specifically tailored and customized designs or cuts.

Mindful of end users' well-being, Tarkett has designed these two collections ensuring full compliance with environmental standards (air quality, recyclability etc.). In fact, iD Inspiration 55-70 is made using 50% natural and 48% recycled materials; iD Selection 40 comprises 51% natural and 52% recycled materials. Both are 100% recyclable making them eligible for inclusion in Tarkett's ReUse program (a recovery system that recycles clean off-cuts from vinyl floorcoverings)

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