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Tarkett aquires Rhinofloor brand from AmstrongWorld Industries

Tarkett, a global leader in flooring and sports surfaces, announces the acquisition of the Rhinofloor brand and its range of flooring collections, previously owned by ArmstrongWorld Industries, who have recently decided to divest of all residential flooring activities in Europe.

“This agreement assures the continuity for all current distributors of the Rhinofloor brand in major European residential vinyl flooring markets. At the same time, Tarkett assumes its leadership role on the resilient flooring market and in regard to its distributors” said Patrick Mathieu, President of Tarkett’s Western Europe Division.

This transaction entails also the transfer of the collection’s printing cylinders towards Tarkett’s manufacturing unit in Konz, Germany.

As a consequence of this acquisition, Tarkett reinforces its position in  the European residential flooring market, enriching its product and brand portfolio and allowing the Group to even better respond to its clients’ demands.