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Tarkett actively contributes to Davos 2018, the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting

PARIS, FRANCE, January 26, 2018 — Tarkett, a worldwide leader in innovative and sustainable flooring and sports surface solutions,  actively contributes to the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos from January 23-26. This year, the core theme of the summit relates to “Strengthening Cooperation in a Fractured World”. As a Partner Company, Tarkett has been actively contributing during the last three years to a large number of World Economic Forum’s discussions and working groups. Committed to environmental and social stewardship, Tarkett has implemented an eco-innovation strategy based on Cradle to Cradle® principles and promotes circular economy, with the ultimate goal of contributing to people’s wellbeing.

Glen Morrison, Chief Executive Officer of Tarkett said: “Tarkett is proud to participate in the World Economic Forum debates thus contributing to a sustainable global economy. In 2018, it is vital for leaders from private and public spheres to strengthen their cooperation and to explore together initiatives for unlocking creativity and supporting worldwide responsible growth”.

At Davos 2018, Glen Morrison contributed to the Governor’s meeting for Infrastructure and Urban Development, sharing his ambition for a more human built environment in the context of “Sustainability and Affordability” challenges.

During the Future of Urban Development & Services Steering Committee, Glen Morrison discussed with private and public stakeholders about major urban development challenges, such as circular economy in cities and affordable housing.

Glen Morrison also participated in the climate conference organized by the Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders, a unique global platform for CEOs taking action to address climate change that Tarkett joined in 2015. This group has a critical role to increase the level of ambition on climate action from businesses and governments around the world.

Furthermore, during the debate “Decoding biases: diversity by design”, Glen Morrison shared his convictions and actions to deploy an open talent philosophy with diversity and inclusion at the core: “For companies, the most important challenge is winning the war for talent, attracting and retaining the best people. As business leaders, our role is to create an inclusive environment where People feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work each day. In my experience, developing diversity and fostering a culture of inclusion unleashes employees’ potential and engagement thus accelerating company’s performance.”