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Tarkett’s design expertise applied to Alzheimer centers

Tarkett, world leader in flooring and sports surfaces, has developed a unique design expertise in the role of flooring within the life of Alzheimer patients. The objective of this initiative is to assist architects and health facilities directors in the design, layout and fitting of living spaces for the patients. Tarkett is a reference in the health sector, equipping about 200 aged care institutions every year in France.


Launched by the design department of Tarkett, the study analyzes with a scientific approach the sensorial and psychological impact of floors on the quality of life of patients. Besides hygiene, safety and other regulatory aspects, the floor patterns and colors provoke emotions that can stimulate or soothe Alzheimer patients, contributing to better manage the effects of the disease. Floors also influence the circadian rhythms, the acoustic comfort and the general atmosphere of the rooms.

To better understand the issues and impact on the environment of Alzheimer patients, this study has relied on the expertise of recognized specialists. For example, note the contributions of Dr. Xavier Cnockaert, chief of Gerontology at Beauvais Hospital, Rudolf Schricker, chairman of the German Association of Architects and Interior Designers (BDIA), and Professor Desmond O'Neill, president of the Irish Gerontological Society.