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Resource stewardship

Our objective is to reduce and optimize the use of resources during all the manufacturing process, thus participating in limiting resource scarcity and climate change challenges.


How ?

We aim at saving fresh and potable water optimizing energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Progress (2016 figures)

Water consumption (lters/m²): 3.33

Share of industrial sites that have implemented closed-loop water cicuits (or do not use water in their process): 60%, vs. 57% in 2015
2020 objective: 100%

Greenhouse gas emissions (kgCO2e/m²): 0.94, vs 1.02 in 2015
2020 objective: -20% vs 2010


From the field

The Waterloo industrial site in Canada installed in 2014 a closed-circuit water recovery system on its cooling equipment. Thanks to this installation, the factory reduced its water consumption in cubic meters used during the cooling process by more than 30% (May to December 2014 as compared with May to December 2013).

For more details, read our CSR report of the 2016 registration document