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A positive outlook for the ReUse program in France

The ReUse program has been up and running in France since 2007. Its goal is to take charge of (clean) installation site offcuts and to take a stand against landfill and incineration. By the end of December 2011, 50 flooring installation and project management companies had signed a ReUse agreement, enabling 187-ton of PVC to be collected for recycling.

ReUse is an individually tailored collection and recycling program for PVC flooring offcuts. Its remit  is:
• to collect waste thanks to the availability of bags, trays and skips on installation sites and within the premises of flooring companies,
• to transport this waste to one of eleven centers in France, whose network expanded by the establishment of three new sites in 2011,
• to transfer the waste, once sorted, to the Tarkett Clervaux plant (Luxembourg),
• to produce aggregate from these recycled materials and reintroduce it into the manufacture of PVC flooring.

The training of installation teams with the aim of reducing the physical demands of the work, maintaining a clean environment and improving efficiency enhances this scheme.
One of the partners of the ReUse program is the Office Public de l’Habitat (OPH - Public housing office) for the Metropolitan Limoges Conurbation. For the 3rd consecutive year, Tarkett won the tender for the 2011 project. A proposal was made to add a clause to the contract in respect of the management of clean waste (the OPH is already committed to a wide-reaching sustainable development strategy). In 2011 therefore, Tarkett collected 3,000 m2 of clean offcuts from the 40,000 m2 of flooring installed at OPH sites in Limoges, the group also provided continuous training for OPH installation teams in Limoges throughout the entire operation.

Offcut collection and recycling, has now been integrated organically into working schedules and is no longer seen as a constraint.