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Gender Equality Index in France
as of December 31, 2020

Tarkett has calculated and published the equal pay for women and men index for its three legal entities in France, in accordance with French Law for “the freedom to choose one's future career” (Gender Equality Index).

This index is comprised of five indicators covering the gender pay gap, differences in individual salary increases, promotion differences, the percentage of female employees with salary rise following maternity leave and the representation of women in the top ten salaries.

In 2020, Tarkett (corporate teams in France) scored 92/100 (vs. 90 in 2019), Tarkett France (flooring business teams in France and EMEA division teams) scored 87/100 (vs. 82 in 2019) and FieldTurf France maintained its score of 92/100.

These results demonstrate Tarkett's commitment and continuing efforts on gender equality and notably on gender pay equality in France.
For several years, part of the pay rise budget in France has been allocated to reducing the pay gap between men and women.