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Living an ultimate 2010 World Cup Experience at the Village Paris Trocadero

Tarkett Fieldturf has just completed the installation of two 1000 m2 artificial turf soccer fields as well as the flooring of the VIP space of the Village Paris Trocadero, located right in front of the Paris Eiffel tower.


The two artificial turf fields are at the center of an installation that aims to recreate an authentic stadium ambiance, during this year’s Soccer World Cup, thus allowing spectators to watch the transmission of all 64 matches on a giant screen and to play matches during transmission free times.

The Village Paris Trocadero is one of 6 exclusive and carefully selected locations around the world (Berlin, Paris, Rome, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro and Sydney), that allow people to live and vibrate the Soccer World Cup all along the 4 week long tournament.

An estimated number of roughly 1.2 million people (40.000 per day) are expected to visit the installation over the designated period of time, allowing them to live a vibrating Soccer World Cup experience. Fieldturf has installed close to 3.000 artificial turf fields around the world and has since become the N°1 reference with the greatest number of FIFA certfied "Recommended 2 Star" installations.