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Good materials

For Tarkett, ‘Good Materials’ means: abundant, rapidly renewable, recycled and recyclable, respecting people health and the environment.


How ?

We eco-design products at the very beginning with ‘good materials’ that respect people and the environment, and that can be recycled to enter a manufacturing cycle (technical cycle) or that can be biodegradable to reenter the biosphere (biological cycle).

We assess our ingredients with the support of the EPEA (Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency) and select them according to strict criteria.


Progress (2016 figures)

68% of our materials do not contribute to resource scarcity  
2020 Objective: 75%

95% of our materials have been assessed
2020 Objective: 100%

From the field

We were one of the first flooring manufacturers to launch a vinyl flooring with a bio-based plasticizer in 2009: iQ Natural, homogeneous vinyl made of 75% natural and renewable materials and 100% recyclable. For more information,

Since 2013, Tarkett’s portfolio is composed of Linoville, the new Linoleum xfTM collection, recyclable flooring made from natural and renewable ingredients (linseed oil, pine resin, cork flour and wood flour).