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Franck Loret

Franck Loret transforms Tarket vinyl into organic art

The Tarkett Group, world leader in flooring, is proud to be the partner of the «Flexible Zone» exhibition, in this new jewel of a setting for the Gallery Insula. Through Franck Loret’s sensitivity and expertise, this commitment bestows on vinyl a unique cultural dimension in the universe of contemporary art and allows it to be discovered by a wider majority of people. As a favorite material of designers for its flexibility, its sturdiness, its colors and for the diversity of effects the material offers, vinyl seduced the artist allowing him to give free rein to his imagination. The works exhibited divert the medium’s original use with much creativity and grant the “scraps” a second life. Stamped with innovation, performance and respect, these pieces are in harmony with the Group Tarkett’s values and ambitions.