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Floor-in-a-Box recognized for its design

Floor-in-a-Box follows a world tour of design exhibitions

After having been awarded the Observeur du Design award in Paris in 2010, Floor-in-a-Box (FIAB) has been offered numerous opportunities to participate in design shows around the world. Following the Paris exhibition, FIAB went straight to Corea to be exhitited in the Design Korea and as part of the G20 Best In Design. Theses showings were followed by the Sophia Design Week in Bulgaria a showing at the Glyptotheque of Zagreb in Croatia in September of last year. The month of October brought a showing in Taipei, Indonesia at the IDA event (International Design Alliance). 

Floor-in-a Box is currently on its way to Spain where this Tarkett product will be shown in Madrid and during the Matadero event called "French Design Today", which has been organized by the French Ambassy to Spain, the French Institut, the City of Madrid and DIMAD (Designers of Madrid).