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Fieldturf and Morton Extrusionstechnik Gmbh Form Joint Venture

Germany-based artificial turf fiber manufacturing plant solidifies FieldTurf’s leadership position as the world leader in artificial turf innovation and quality assurance for its clients

MONTREAL, CANADA (December 21, 2010) - FieldTurf and Morton Extrusionstechnik GmbH (Morton) have formed a joint venture to develop and produce the most innovative artificial turf fiber technology in the world today. The Germany-based manufacturing plant is a fully integrated operation producing both monofilament and slit-film yarn with never before seen performance and longevity characteristics that has propelled the industry into the new age of artificial turf.

FieldTurf’s ‘Dream Team’ led by Jürgen Morton-Finger and Thorsten Emge has developed technology that offers FieldTurf clients a new and revolutionary fiber with superior performance characteristics. Jurgen Morton-Finger is the former technical director at Reimotec, who for decades has been supplying much of the industry with fiber production equipment. Thorsten Emge is a longtime industry expert in process engineering, including filament development and patent applications.

Together, FieldTurf and Morton have unlocked the secrets of combining the very best in polymer technology with the strongest UV inhibitors and a state-of-the-art extrusion process. After years of experimentation, FieldTurf has developed the perfect formula, something that has until now eluded the rest of the industry. The creation of this new compound will enable FieldTurf to produce a fiber that will resist splitting and reduce degradation caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays – better than any other fiber the industry has ever known.

“The decision to begin manufacturing our own artificial turf fiber was necessary to ensure our clients were getting nothing short of the very best,” said FieldTurf President Eric Daliere. “We recruited the top fiber intelligence in the industry to join our team in order to provide our customers with unmatched quality assurance and the most exciting artificial turf fiber technology in the world. This is a historic occasion for our company as we continue to raise the bar for the entire industry when it comes to artificial turf innovation, safety, performance and longevity.”

“FieldTurf has long been the world leader in artificial turf and it is truly an honor to be part of this winning team,” said Jürgen Morton-Finger, Managing Director of Morton. “Developing the world’s best artificial turf fiber technology comes with a focus on polymer, process, and geometry to ensure the perfect formula for artificial turf fibers that will outperform and outlast all others in the marketplace.”

FieldTurf and Morton have unlocked some of the secrets that have until now eluded the turf industry, specifically the combination of the fiber Polymer, Process, and Geometry. With the best and exclusive fiber manufacturing technology in the market today, FieldTurf has become one of the most vertically integrated companies in the industry and the clear leader in artificial turf innovation.