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Excellence, creating stimulating environments

With the new vinyl collection, Excellence, Tarkett offers a new look your spaces


Over the years, Tarkett’s vinyl floorings have been one of the leading choices for architects and facility owners to design inspirational and high performance interior environments. Whether in schools, health and aged care facilities or other public buildings, the needs of teachers and children, or staff and patients create a range of operational, social, economic and environmental challenges all of which impact how spaces are designed and built.

Tarkett, as a solution provider, has launched Excellence, a new heterogeneous vinyl collection created for the evolving needs of educational, healthcare, and especially aged care settings and combining design, performance as well as sustainability. Excellence brings a wide combination of over 117 colors and wood designs in compact and acoustic floorings, for a harmonized project design, both aesthetic and functional. This creates a more personalized learning and living environment through a coordinated selection adapted to age and setting. Excellence was also designed to offer an easy combination with Tarkett’s wall coverings and accessories.

Excellence is demonstrating Tarkett’s commitment to eco-design products that minimize impact on the environment, contribute to people’s well-being and that can be reused at end-of-life. It has been designed around two major eco-innovations: Excellence is a phthalate-free vinyl solution and has TVOC* emissions more than 100 times lower than the strictest standards in the world.

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*TVOC: Total Volatile Organic Compounds after 28 days. Standard TVOC in Europe: 1000 µg/m3. Tarkett Excellence: less than 10 µg/m3).