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Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Tarkett practices Sustainability through its ‘Closed Loop Circular Design’ model which is Tarkett’s way of best applying the ‘Cradle to Cradle’ principles to support the development of the ‘circular economy’.

In its Cradle to Cradle approach, Tarkett works in partnership with the German scientific institute EPEA (Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency) to apply these principles across all its activities and product ranges.

  • Recognition

Tarkett’s sustainable product design approach earned its recognition through its selection as one of the first companies to join the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s  ‘Circular Economy 100’ program in February, 2013.

Several product ranges have already received a Cradle to Cradle® certification: Gold level for Linoleum Veneto Essenza 100% Linen produced in Narni (Italy), Silver level for Linoleum produced in Narni (Italy), Wood produced in Hanaskog (Sweden) and Poland , Basic level for Rubber produced in the USA and Artificial Turf produced in Auchel (France), Valls (Spain) and Calhoun (USA).

Since February 2010, Tarkett has been a member of the KKR Green Portfolio Program. Designed in partnership with the non-governmental organization Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), the program requires Tarkett to commit to improving its environmental performance, including in the areas of greenhouse gas emissions, waste, water, forest stewardship and chemical product use.

  • 2020 Sustainability Roadmap

Tarkett has set its Environmental 2020 Roadmap, with detailed objectives for each of the four pillars. We also closely monitor progress and initiatives across the Group.
Read more on the 2020 Sustainability Roadmap on the 2014 Activity & Sustainability Report.