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Enhancing the sports experience at Decathlon's Kipstadium

FieldTurf equipped a vast multi-sports complex, which opened in March near Roubaix and Tourcoing in Northern France, with an impressive range of different playing surfaces. Called Kipstadium, the facility has been created as a worldwide headquarters of Kipsta, a well-known brand of international sports group Decathlon, as well as a resource to local sports clubs, schools and professional teams in the region.

FieldTurf has installed nine outdoor and indoor fields dedicated to team sports such as football, rugby, hockey and American football. Latest-generation turf systems were selected to correspond to the performance requirements of specific sports and to ensure durability, safety and convenience.

Kipstadium is also set up to be a real life innovation and observation laboratory dedicated to team sports. By being in close proximity to the sports facility and users, Kipsta staff will be able to listen to their needs and expectations. One of the FieldTurf fields was designed to be regularly changed so that Kipsta can evaluate the benefits of different types of infill. This lab field will also enable FieldTurf to test its solutions and therefore to be able to develop products that are more adapted to users.

"At Kipstadium, we aim to provide what’s best for the user while making our fields as accessible to as many people as possible," said Nicolas Louveau, Project Manager and Kipstadium Director. "We also wanted to protect young players from any growth problems as we believe that playing conditions may be a contributing factor.  Ultimately we want every player to feel the benefit of playing on good fields. That means anticipating the next generation of sport surfaces in order to design for the future."

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