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Diversity & Inclusion

“At Tarkett, we believe that building diverse teams allows us to be more creative and comprehensive in the solutions we offer to our customers and partners around the world, more attractive to new generations who aspire to enrich themselves from this diversity, more open and inclusive in the way we work together for Tarkett's success.”

Séverine Grosjean, EVP of Group Human Resources & Communications

Our Ambition: to create a more inclusive culture and build teams that reflect the diversity of our society and our customers all over the world (nationalities, origins, background, gender, generations), with everyone feeling empowered to bring a broad range of views and talents to work everyday.

Our Strategy: deploy at all levels of the organization a shared objective concerning the gender diversity of our teams, and, moreover, promote locally the adoption
of complementary diversity objectives that respond to local priorities.

  • Our 2025 target : 30% of our managers & executives
    will be women

Tarkett aims to achieve this new objective by strengthening its action plan on gender diversity. This includes benchmarking, setting local objectives, developing the female talent pool, increasing our attractiveness to female candidates and raising internal awareness amongst our teams.

These actions build on current initiatives to promote the role of women within the company, notably through internal mobility or during the external recruitment process where at least one female candidate is included in each recruitment shortlist.

We track progress by monitoring the share of women among different categories of managers and the share of open management positions filled by female candidates.

Diversity and Inclusion is one of the five pillars of Tarkett’s global Talent Management Guiding principles - defined as creating a diverse and inclusive environment where all perspectives are heard, respected and valued.
The fundamental principles of non-discrimination and equality are an integral component of our Code of Ethics and our Human Resources policies, for use on a daily basis by all employees.