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Corporate Governance

Tarkett is a French public limited liability company (Société anonyme) legally structured with a Supervisory Board and a Management Board.

Tarkett’s corporate governance processes are directed to ensure uncompromised business ethics, robust and transparent corporate supervision, risk management and regular dialogue with shareholders.

Risk identification and risk management actions are among the issues reviewed by the Supervisory Board, the Executive Management Committee and the Audit Committee. Every two years, Tarkett updates its risk mapping and continues to implement action plans, significantly reducing risk exposure. Compliance with regulatory requirements and Tarkett policies is ensured through TRACE (Tarkett Risk And Control Evaluation), a systematic internal control process carried out throughout the company. Identified risk mitigation actions are tracked for completion.

Tarkett has also formalized programs to ensure that ethic rules are not only clearly communicated to its teams but also shared, understood and applied. Tarkett’s Code of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy spells out the exemplary corporate values and business practices to be respected by employees at all times.

In addition, the UN Global Compact principles are now integrated systematically within Tarkett’s general terms of sale and supply agreements to being put into place with primary raw material suppliers to gain their support for improved sustainability.