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Conscious Choices. For People and Planet

“At Tarkett, we are making conscious choices, for people and planet. We are putting sustainability at the core of our decision process, fully guiding our way to do business and driving our innovation. Through our deep human understanding, we nurture relationships with all our stakeholders to enhance our comprehensive understanding of global and local challenges. That continuous dialog is crucial for succeeding in our circular journey. We are driving cooperation with leading stakeholders who share our ambition to shift from a linear to a circular economy. Because making conscious choices is a collective effort.”

Arnaud Marquis, Group Sustainability Officer

Conscious Choices. For People and Planet.

When it comes to people and the planet, we don’t consider one without thinking of the other. We commit every day to the design of great spaces.

For us, this means exceeding indoor air quality standards, instituting healthy material norms, reducing our carbon footprint and creating a Circular Economy supported by Cradle to Cradle® principles. Doing better, for people and planet.

Discover more of our circular achievements across the globe:

> iQ Natural recent launch, one of the lowest carbon footprint resilient flooring solutions on the market.

> Collaborating with partners to upcycle chalk into carpet tile backing

> Changing the game with recycling post-use homogeneous flooring in Europe