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Closing the loop / Circular Economy

We are closing the loop to build a circular economy

By eco-designing 
It starts with eco-designing flooring, with recycling in mind. We strive to develop products using recycled materials and that can be disassembled and recycled at the end of use. We have developed loose-lay and click vinyl tiles systems and taped and adhesives carpet systems to make flooring easy to install, remove, take-back, separate and recycle.

"We are exploring all technical means to enable more recycling and reuse as part of a collaborative circular economy within our industry and through partnering with others." Elodie Jupin, Circular Economy Manager, Tarkett EMEA

By taking-back flooring. ReStart®, a differentiator for Tarkett
We’ve built our take-back Restart® program in Europe and North America to collect not only our own flooring but also flooring from our competitors. ReStart® helps our customers to manage their flooring waste from job installation, collecting off-cuts and used vinyl, linoleum and carpet flooring. Then we sort and select flooring that can be used as a source of quality raw materials in our own production process.

"We are always looking for a competitive advantage in our business. The ReStart® program, developed to move us towards a more circular business model, adds an advantage to our sales force and is a differentiator in the market place." Russell Bennett, Recycling Director, Tarkett North America

By recyling waste from other industries
We also look for resources in other waste streams, which means exploring new opportunities, testing new materials, collaborating with different industries.

"We identified the potential of using medical blister packaging and mobile cards and began working on incorporating these into our VCT (vinyl composite tile) product formulation and as the core layer of LVT (luxury vinyl tile)." Sergio Junior, R&D and QC Supervisor, Tarkett Brazil

By recycling at our sites
We optimize the production cycle in our manufacturing sites, where we recycle our own production scraps. We have been recycling vinyl production since 1957 at our site in Ronneby, Sweden and we have now 7 recycling centers across the world. 

"Our recycling center in Clervaux recently achieved EuCertPlast certification recognizing its environmentally-friendly and traceable plastics recycling process." Julien Vital, Environmental Manager, Clervaux production site, Luxembourg, Tarkett EMEA