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Climate & Circular Economy

Carbon and circular resources are fully embedded inside our Tarkett Human-Conscious DesignTM approach: At Tarkett, we are reducing our carbon footprint and we are building a circular economy through circular resources. Doing Better. For People and Planet.


We are reducing greenhouse gas emissions by optimizing our energy consumption and by using renewable energy sources. Eight production sites in seven countries are sourcing 100% renewable electricity. Nevertheless, we are not only reducing our greenhouse gas emissions in our production cycle, but also along the whole value chain, with the implementation of a circular economy model, using more recycled materials which are less energy intensive than extraction and transformation of virgin materials. For example, we avoided 253,000 tons of C02e along the value chain (scope 3) thanks to the use of 127,000 tons of recycled materials, instead of using virgin raw materials and sending waste to incineration. This represents more than the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions of our production sites in 2020 (198,500 tons of C02e – Scope 1&2).

We generate deep changes inside our value chain by selecting suppliers which have a lower carbon footprint, by raising our customers’ awareness and by offering them the choice to select our products with the lowest carbon footprint. As a matter of fact, we have recently launched iQ Natural, one of the lowest carbon footprint resilient flooring solutions on the market.

We are striving to reduce scarcity of natural resources and deploy waste management, issues which encourage the development of a circular economy model, where waste becomes a resource and where products can be reused or transformed into new circular resources.

We are ramping up our recycling program, by transforming end-of-use flooring and recycled materials into new floors, ultimately reducing waste and carbon footprint. 109,000 tons of flooring were collected between 2010 and 2020 as part of our Restart® take-back and recycling program in Europe, North America and Brazil and nine recycling centers integrated into our production sites located in eight different countries are up and running.

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