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A new dimension for tomorrow’s concept of sustainability

With major society challenges mounting quickly in the years to come, today’s concept of sustainability will have to evolve to create new opportunities for companies and organizations to make proactive and meaningful contributions.
While our sustainability model remains founded on the three traditional pillars of People, Planet, Profit, we have imagined a fourth dimension: Purpose.
We believe that tomorrow’s model of sustainability should serve a distinctive purpose, allowing us to make tangible contributions to those society challenges which might benefit from our 130 years of experience and know how in the fields of flooring and sports surface solutions.

Since 2013 we are committed to our 2020 Vision which guides us to do just that: accessing our flooring and sports surfaces for their potential and innovating to speed up their transformation process progressively allowing them to enter the age of the circular economy. Working in close collaboration with EPEA (Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency) Tarkett today is moving ahead in its ambition to become a leading circular economy company.

Since 2010, one measure of corporate responsibility is Tarkett’s progress in fulfilling the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact.
We are committed to adopt and implement robust policies and procedures in the areas of human rights, labor standards, the environment, and business ethics to counter corruption. Tarkett encourages its suppliers to respect the UN Global Compact principles.