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Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is the controlling body of the Company. It ensures that Tarkett’s business strategy is strictly applied by the Management Board. In a complement to the Supervisory Board meetings taking place every six months, Board members meet every other month with the Management Board for a detailed review of the Group’s financial performance, operations and strategic initiatives.

The Supervisory Board is composed of ten members: six members representing the Deconinck family, and four independent members. Didier Deconinck is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and is supported by Eric La Bonnardière as Vice Chairman. In accordance with Company’s Bylaws and Internal Regulations, two observers of the Board were appointed.

In line with standard governance practices, the Supervisory Board has set up two committees which focus on specific and complex aspects of its supervisory responsibilities. These committees have an advisory role.

  • The Audit Committee is composed of three members (Guylaine Saucier, Françoise Leroy, Eric La Bonnardière) and chaired by Guylaine Saucier, independent member of the supervisory Board.
  • The Nominations and Compensation Committee, is composed of three members (Gérard Buffière, Françoise Leroy, Agnès Touraine) and chaired by Gérard Buffière, independent member of the supervisory Board.